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Let’s talk about the printed business card

The business card, or visiting card as it was first known, originated in the 17th century France at the Royal Courts and is still common today. Although much business communication is done via the internet most businesses will still need some face to face meetings with their clients or potential clients and suppliers. So, let’s talk about the printed business card. Giving a business card is still part of the etiquette of an initial business meeting. Stationery printers in the Bath area, like us at Minuteman Press, know that the right card helps your business stand out from the crowd.

When you hand over a printed business card at a networking event or by chance meeting, this is your first impression. You’re saying that you mean business and have taken the time to think about your brand.

The business card can also be used as a tool to direct people to your website through the use of QR codes, you can also set up a VCard downloadable from this. This makes is easy for people to make that instant and correct connection.

The business card does not need to be switched on. You do not need to struggle to remember that person’s name you met at your networking breakfast last week as you stroll through your contacts.

Keep your collected business cards in a holder or a box on your desk, it’s then much easier to flick through to find again that vital connection that you didn’t at first think you need.

Business cards don’t get deleted and are a constant reminder that you are there.

Stationery printing in Bath continues to thrive as people start new businesses and established businesses have further print requirements. In business it is essential that you have the right stationery and you will find excellent stationery printers in Bath to help you develop the right style for your business image.

Buying locally from stationery printers in Bath facilitates face to face meetings. Develop your individual look. Having your printing done locally means you get personal attention. Printers can even help identify if your chosen design is similar to a competitors. Have your business card printing done in Bath rather than out of the area and benefit from a more personal service.

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