Disposable menus in Bath

Bath is a historic town that is well known for its striking architecture and historic monuments. Bath Abbey is the largest example of gothic architecture in this part of the country, whilst Pulteney Bridge is unique thanks to the arcade of shops which line the bridge. Local businesses create disposable menus in Bath in order to communicate better with their clients. At Minuteman Press, we are proud to provide printing services to the local community.

The Garricks Head, Bath, England

Disposable menus are increasingly being used in Bath as they offer a hygienic and straightforward way to communicate with clients about the products a local brand has to offer. As they are intended to be single use they can easily be recycled when a client is finished with them. Paper menus are also easy for people to take home with them to refer to afterwards, which makes them particularly suitable for establishments which offer home delivery.

Folded disposable menu
Folded disposable menu

Menus can be created in an array of shapes and sizes. A3 placemat style menus are popular as they are easy to read and enable information to be spread out over a larger surface area. Menus can also be printed on both sides or can be printed into a foldable format.

Well-designed Menus can be a delight to read. Providing photos of your signature dishes can remove the guesswork, and make it easier for customers to order with ease. We produce menus for all occasions, including weddings!

It is easy to create stylish disposable menus in Bath with the right team behind you. At Minuteman Press, we have experts in store who can advise you about all aspects of the process. Contact us to find out more.

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