Minuteman Press and the environment

Here at Minuteman Press Bath we take the environment very seriously.

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Woodland is the second largest sink of CO2 after the oceans, the UK has just 13% woodland cover compared to the European average of 37%.

At Minuteman Press you can use our Carbon Capture Certification logo on your printed materials with us. From flyers and business cards to our printed cardboard display boards, you can show your commitment to the environment using it.

The Carbon Capture programme mitigates the CO2 emissions from the production and distribution of paper and materials, purchased from Premier and gives customers and their clients the opportunity to join with many major brands and fully engage with, and directly support the work of the Woodland Trust – 100% of the money raised goes directly to the Woodland Trust to plant native woodland in the UK.

Minuteman Press, along with more than 240 Premier Paper customers have signed up to help the environment. This helps to mitigate the COemissions generated by the production, storage and distribution of the paper they purchase.

An additional £8.50 is paid for each tonne we buy from our suppliers. This is passed on to the Trust to fund the planting of trees, absorbing carbon that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.

Minuteman Press Carbon Capture Logo

We do our research and take a keen interest in understanding the impact of print. By purchasing sustainable papers we contribute financially towards the costs of forest management. You can add to your artwork not just the Carbon Capture logo but also the words:

“100% Recyclable | FSC Sustainably Source Paper/Card | Carbon Capture Paper”

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