Illuminated signage for Bath Nightclub

Minuteman Press produces illuminated signage for Bath nightclub Zero Zero to ensure that they stand out from the crowd.

Our client is an exclusive VIP, nightclub and event space in the centre of the historic city of Bath. They came to us to look at upgrading their signage. Having invested heavily inside the club they really wanted to level up their signage game outside. They said they wanted something with a light on it. So an illuminated signage was the way forward.

Bath nightlife is very competitive so to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate a high quality offer was essential for our client.

We had considered looking at a light to shine onto the sign, however we thought we could look at interally illuminated signage for this Bath nightclub.

We showed the idea and the Bath nightclub immediately loved it.

Our artwork team created an initial visual and then we worked with a local company to help manufacture the illuminate sign.

Cross section and images of proposed lightbox
Cross section of lightbox

We then installed it alongside the client’s electrical contractor on site.

Thanks Zero Zero for trusting us to up your signage game. We think it’s looking pretty awesome.

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