Business Stationery in Bath.

Business stationery, which includes items such as letterheads, envelopes, and business cards, is an important investment for any business. It helps to create a consistent and professional appearance for your business, which can help to establish your credibility and legitimacy. In addition, business stationery can be an effective marketing tool, as it can help to promote your brand and make it easier for customers and clients to contact you. Business stationery is also useful for a variety of business purposes, such as sending letters, invoices, and other important documents. Overall, investing in high-quality business stationery can be a worthwhile investment for any business. 

Minuteman Press offers professional printing of all business stationery items. We can also enhance your brand with short run foiling, florescent digital colour, and spot UV varnish. Contact us today to see how we can help with your business stationery.

Letterhead printing in Bath

Letterheads are an important part of your business branding and professionalism. We can create letterheads for a variety of business documents, such as letters, invoices, and reports, to give your business a consistent and professional appearance. In addition, letterheads can help to establish your credibility and legitimacy as a business. This can help to make your business stand out from the competition. Letterheads can also be used to provide important information about your business, such as your contact details and logo, making it easy for customers and clients to get in touch with you. Overall, letterheads are an important tool for promoting your business and building your brand. 

For an A4 page, a letterhead needs to leave 3mm bleed to the edge of the design. Using a CMYK colour scheme is also an effective way to ensure that the finished product looks sleek and attractive. Letterhead To add a distinctive touch, consider using textured paper.

Finding affordable and effective letterhead printing in Bath is straightforward with the right team by your side. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Seeing the wood through the sheds

Last week was busy at Minuteman Press. In Bath we have had the arrival of the Bath Christmas Market and it’s been quite something to see the wood through the sheds when it comes to the volume of work we have had to support this.

Taken from Bath Abbey, this image features the Bath Christmas Market and the Roman Baths late on a December afternoon.

We never grumble though. The Christmas Market here in Bath in in it’s 20th year and will see nearly half a million visitors to the city and will boost the local economy. The market adds circa £32.5 million turnover for the city.

Laser cut signage for Whole Lotta Knots

Local printers benefit too. It’s been busy with signage for traders, in some cases turning up to install them. We have also printed special Christmas menus for the local hospitality trade. We also donated signage for the Bath BID’s Elve’s Swap Shop. The swap shop invites children to visit. they collect old toys and give them a new, loving home. Children can bring a toy they no longer want and swap it for a new pre-loved toy.

We can help you to see the wood through the sheds or trees when it comes to unique signage solutions for your business. Contact us today to find out more.

Business card suppliers in Bath

A UNESCO heritage site, Bath is steeped in history and hosts an array of attractions for all ages. Most famous are its Roman Baths, but people also flock to the city to take in the iconic architecture of the Circus, the Royal Crescent and Pulteney Bridge. Business cards suppliers in Bath are able to provide local businesses with the best tools to communicate with these potential clients. At Minuteman Press, we have years of experience of printing for local businesses.

Business cards suppliers can offer cards printed with various finishes for all budgets in Bath. A traditional, smooth finish looks smart on a 400gsm board. For more contemporary or fashion-led finishes, consider engraved foil, or textured business cards. A pared-down uncoated finish also provides an understated yet stylish look to a card.

It is important to remember that business cards convey something about the personality or ethos of a brand. In addition to considering the finish of a card, pay attention to the shape of it. A traditional rectangle works well but, to make a bold impression, a square card or a mini business card can help a brand to stand out from the crowd.

Business cards suppliers in Bath are able to advise on all elements of the printing process. At Minuteman Press, we are no exception. Contact us to discuss your ideas and needs with our knowledgeable colleagues.

Gold sign for Bath Goldsmith

Minuteman Press Bath recently installed a gold sign for local Bath goldsmith Tina Engell. Tina has been a valued customer of Minuteman Press for over 16 years. One of her first orders with us was a self inking rubber stamp. We have also supplied Tina with letterheads, invoice pads and gold foiled business cards.

Finding the signage solution

Tina’s shop and workshop is based on a beautiful Bath shopping street. It is steep and can be very windy. The previous sign was a hanging sign which soon fell foul to the strong winds. It was important to get a solid, safe solution. After an on site meeting it was decided to go for a large version of her logo.

Tina’s original logo was designed as an orange logo back in 1991. Recently this had been adapted for use as gold. We first used the gold foil on Tina’s business cards in 2021. Gold continues to be used for invoice pads and we look to use gold where possible. We use our unique gold ink for this.

The new gold sign for our Bath goldsmith was to be bold and classy. We suggested a 3D sign safely anchored into the wall with a solid bracket. No more swinging in the wind for this sign.

Visuals made up, sample materials provided and all agreed. We moved to production.

The sign

We used a local fabricator to help make the sign. They suggest in order to create the vision using stainless steel with a mirror gold with a rigid hanging bracket. The hanging bracket painted black and the centre piece which held the two large rims together.

The result exceeded our signage expectations.

We had this back we checked all the components and parts needed to make this a successful install.

Another site survey with the client to ensure that we are happy with the exact final location for the sign took place.

The install

Know your limits. With the windy location and valuable sign to go up high it was important to get this right. We used a local contractor to help us put this up safely. They anchored this safely into the Bath stone building and tested it. More importantly they will be back on a few weeks to tighten and tidy. With our new install team we are confident that every sign will go up safely.

The result

Here is the gold sign for our Bath goldsmith in situ. High up on Bartlett Street in glorious mirror gold.

Talk to us today about your next signage project.

Why you may need business cards in Bath

The business card, or visiting card as it was first known, originated in the 17th century France at the Royal Courts and is still common today. Although much business communication is done via the internet most businesses will still need some face to face meetings with their clients or potential clients and suppliers.

Business Cards

Giving a business card is still part of the etiquette of an initial business meeting. Stationery printers in the Bath area, like us at Minuteman Press, know that the right card helps your business stand out from the crowd.

Stationery printing in Bath and throughout the UK continues to thrive as more people start new businesses and established businesses have further print requirements. In business it is essential that you have the right stationery and you will find excellent stationery printers in Bath to help you develop the right style for your business image.

Buying locally from stationery printers in Bath facilitates face to face meetings to develop your individual look. Having all your printing done locally means you get personal attention and printers can even help identify if your chosen design is similar to a competitors. It makes sense to have your business card printing done in Bath rather than out of the area and benefit from a more personal service.