Now taking enquiries for laser cutting and engraving!

At Minuteman Press we’re always looking for ways to add value to our offering by investing in the best technology and equipment.

We’re proud to announce the arrival of our brand new Trotec Laser cutter and engraver!

Trotec Technology

Using Trotec’s OptiMotion control system, our laser machine has a processing speed of up to 2m/s and offers fine engravings down to a font size of 4pt. The DC CO2 glass tube is perfect for cutting, while the ceramic CeramiCore® RF CO2 laser delivers high quality laser marking and engraving on almost any material, while also providing a clean laser cut on papers, cards, plastics and wood veneers.

What materials can we process?

A wide range of materials can be laser engraved. These range from acrylic, laminate, wood, stone, paper, cardboard to mirror glass and glass. Laser engraving is very high precision and provides a permanent, haptic product. 

Materials for laser cutting and engraving include: Acrylic, Cork, Fabrics, Leather, Glass, MDF, Paper, Card, Plastic, Wood, Rubber, Stone and more!

What does this mean for you?

Laser engraving gives us access to a range of incredible new materials that we think you’ll love. The possibilities are endless, but below are a few applications that we’re looking forward to sharing with our clients!

Laser cutting

High precision, speed and versatility – this is how the laser cutting process impresses. You can cut almost any material with a laser cutter.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving is a method of personalisation. An individual design or the laser engraving of a logo, name or lettering turns standard products into something unique.

Signage and display making

Laser technology is ideal for POS displays, illuminated advertising or other displays in digital printing.

Shop fitting & retail displays

Laser-cut acrylic components for shop fitting and POS displays: attractive visual merchandising solutions bring brands and products to life.

Packaging design

Digitally laser cutting prototypes and small batches. From the idea to the finished product.

Product design

Rapid Prototyping: from idea to finished product in just a few steps. Use the laser cutter to create prototypes, models, single pieces and small batches from wood, acrylic, textiles or leather, digitally and true to detail.

Print&Cut interior signs

Laser technology for small and large format interior office signs, interior way-finding signage and custom indoor signs using digital printing.


Laser cut wedding invitations, custom wedding décor, laser cut place cards and personalised wedding ornaments.

Arts and Crafts

Laser engraving and laser cutting of arts and crafts products. Apply valuable, individual ornaments onto a single piece or an entire series.

Awards and trophies

Create individual trophies, personalised awards, honorary prizes and medals. Laser engrave signs for ready-made trophies fast.

Signs and badges

Mark various signs for interior and exterior use.

Games and toys

Individualise toys made of wood, acrylic or cardboard with a laser engraving, including Jigsaws.

Data-plates and tags

Permanently and inexpensive laser marking dynamic data on data plates.

Printed cards

Laser cutting custom greeting cards, gift cards and business cards for special occasions quickly and economically to any shape.

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