Custom Printed Flyers in Bath

Local businesses use custom printed flyers in Bath in order to raise their profiles locally. At Minuteman Press, we specialise in all forms of flyer printing.

Custom printed flyers are used to promote a brand here in Bath. They can be used to showcase the products or services a local brand offers, to notify passers-by of special offers or one-off events, or to convey information to people. Flyers can be printed in a range of sizes from A7 to A3 depending on the purpose of the flyer and in different thicknesses ranging from 130 to 400 gsm.

Flyers can be printed on recycled paper to help vouch for the green credentials of a local business. Different finishes produce distinct visual impressions. A silk matt finish is sleek and stylish whereas an uncoated finish enables people to write on the flyer if they need to. Gloss finishes offer an appealing shine effect to the flyer.

Are you looking for flyers that grab their attention and draw in a captive audience? Look no further as we are your bespoke flyer printing providers. Whether you need full colour flyers to hand out or deliver to their doors, we have you covered!

Mailbox leaflets are generally the most economical method of drawing in new clients and keeping your existing customers up-to-date. Excellent for direct mail or newspaper insertions.

Local businesses use custom printed flyers in Bath in all sorts of ways. At Minuteman Press, we have colleagues in store who can advise about the whole process, from the design, size, paper or card choice. We can offer that personal touch to make you that you are getting the most from your flyer printing, as well as ideas on distribution.

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Direct mail services in Bath

Local businesses who use direct mail printing in Bath find this is an effective way to connect with customers. At Minuteman Press, we are local printing experts.

Direct mail printing is an effective marketing tool as it allows brands in Bath to communicate in a personalised way with potential and existing clients. Creating flyers, postcards, leaflets, or branded letters which are targeted for the right consumer helps local businesses to make their mark. Through appropriate use of colour and imagery, businesses can build their brand.

An effective direct mailing campaign is one that has longevity. Repeated use of similar mail outs helps to create an identifiable and memorable impression on a consumer. Printed material is often read by more than one household member, increasing its reach, and if the print is eye catching or creative, it is even more effective.

Local brands use direct mail printing in Bath to expand their impact. At Minuteman Press, we have experts in store who specialise in all aspects of the process from design to printing. Contact us by telephone, email or visit us in person to find out more.