Business Stationery in Bath.

Business stationery, which includes items such as letterheads, envelopes, and business cards, is an important investment for any business. It helps to create a consistent and professional appearance for your business, which can help to establish your credibility and legitimacy. In addition, business stationery can be an effective marketing tool, as it can help to promote your brand and make it easier for customers and clients to contact you. Business stationery is also useful for a variety of business purposes, such as sending letters, invoices, and other important documents. Overall, investing in high-quality business stationery can be a worthwhile investment for any business. 

Minuteman Press offers professional printing of all business stationery items. We can also enhance your brand with short run foiling, florescent digital colour, and spot UV varnish. Contact us today to see how we can help with your business stationery.

Letterhead printing in Bath

Letterheads are an important part of your business branding and professionalism. We can create letterheads for a variety of business documents, such as letters, invoices, and reports, to give your business a consistent and professional appearance. In addition, letterheads can help to establish your credibility and legitimacy as a business. This can help to make your business stand out from the competition. Letterheads can also be used to provide important information about your business, such as your contact details and logo, making it easy for customers and clients to get in touch with you. Overall, letterheads are an important tool for promoting your business and building your brand. 

For an A4 page, a letterhead needs to leave 3mm bleed to the edge of the design. Using a CMYK colour scheme is also an effective way to ensure that the finished product looks sleek and attractive. Letterhead To add a distinctive touch, consider using textured paper.

Finding affordable and effective letterhead printing in Bath is straightforward with the right team by your side. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Laser benefits for local printer

Laser cut business cards

Digital finishing solutions are fast becoming the norm in the print sector. The introduction of technologies such as laser cutting and engraving benefits local printers. Adding a new dimension to the product and service portfolio, complementing all areas of business life.

Laser cutting additional benefits

Laser cutters have in recent years become a popular method of material processing owing to the numerous advantages offered by the systems. In comparison to traditional mechanical technologies, laser cutters offer contactless processing for cleaner material finishing and finishes that would not be possible otherwise. The addition of the laser cutter has allowed Minuteman Press to introduce kiss-cut labels and stickers into their product range. Thanks to the contactless laser process and the ability to control the laser power, a finish and product that would not be possible with mechanical technologies.

Dual laser diversity

Laser technology itself is diverse, with different laser sources and combinations of sources available. A dual-source CO2 laser machine offers great possibilities for businesses such as Minuteman Press. The glass DC source is the perfect tool for cutting ‘bread and butter’ products for printers such as business cards and flyers. The ceramic laser source provides the perfect tool for cutting thick materials such as acrylics, as well as providing the ability to engrave materials with a high-quality finish.

Control over lead times

Lasers offer near-unlimited material processing options, which is a key driver for diversification in many businesses. For Minuteman Press, the introduction of a laser meant that the requirement for outsourcing was removed. The team has full control over lead times and finished quality of workpieces. The laser also brings greater project scope for work with clients. Minuteman Press process a wide range of materials, many of which were not possible without the laser, including faux leather and acrylics.

Laser technology often complements existing technologies in production. For example, Minuteman Press utilise a cutting plotter alongside the laser cutter, which is ideal for processing materials containing PVC. PVC is not suitable for laser processing, with both technologies operating in tandem. Workloads are significantly reduced for jobs, depending on material suitability.

Pinpoint accuracy

laser machine
Trotec laser cutter

For printers, accuracy in finishing printed products is essential. With traditional tools such as guillotines, much manual positioning is needed from the operator. Making it a time-consuming process. Print and cut camera recognition systems such as Trotec’s Vision Print and Cut allow for speedy processing of printed materials. With pinpoint accuracy. Negating the requirement for print bleeds. Deviations between artwork and printed material are automatically corrected before processing. This guarantees a crisp and accurate result.

To conclude, laser technology offers a wealth of benefits to local printers. The speed, versatility and material diversity allowing the team to drive business forward. Providing clients with a complete, all-in-one service.

To conclude, laser technology offers a wealth of benefits to local printers. The speed, versatility and material diversity allowing the team to drive business forward. Providing clients with a complete, all-in-one service.

Variable data printing in Bath

Bath is a striking UNESCO Heritage Site that is renowned for its Roman history and yellow brick buildings. The architecture of the Royal Crescent and the Circus are particularly noteworthy. The Jane Austen Centre is home to information about the author and the Regency era. Local businesses use variable data printing in Bath in their communications with their clientele.

Variable data printing is great for direct mail to local Bath homes

At Minuteman Press, we are proud to service the local community with printing services.

Variable data printing enables brands in Bath to send out correspondence by post which is personalised and targeting to their clientele. It is a means through which brands can connect with their clients and make them feel valued. Bespoke offers can be tailored to specific client profiles. If they reflect what clients most need or want, they are more likely to be effective.

Variable data printing can be use for postal campaigns

Variable data printing can be printed using a range of techniques. Digital printing provides speedy, pristine prints suitable for large batches of printing. Thermal transfer printing is used for printing onto plastic, film, or labels. Thermal inkjet printing combines these two techniques and is commonly used for plasticised or glossy packaging.

Local brands use variable data printing in Bath to boost their profile. At Minuteman Press, we are on hand to help you to understand the options available. Get in touch for more information.

Printing for Christmas

Wrap up your Christmas and New Year with our 2022 collection of personalised printed stationery. We are busy printing for Christmas and we would love to help you too.

Bath Christmas Market

Companies in Bath are gearing up for a busy Christmas, with the Bath Christmas Market also confirmed, it’s all go for the city.

From Christmas cards to calendar and gift tags to personalised gift wrap. Our team are on hand for advice and creation of your Christmas printing, making it really special and personal.

Personalised Greeting Cards

Why use a standard “off the shelf” greeting card when you have the opportunity to send personalised cards to your customer and friends? Just follow our three easy steps.

Step 1

Choose a design and size from our exciting 2022 Christmas Collection. Ask us for our Christmas collection or supply us your own image or artwork to make it special. We can add company logos or adapt one of our existing designs to make it your own.

Step 2

Choose your message, we have plenty of ideas for printing Christmas or New Year greetings inside of your card, or you can use your own. We can also scan and add signatures into your cards for you.

Step 3

Tell us what you would like to order. Telephone, email or make an appointment. We will design your card, send you a final proof and quote before we go to print.

All of pricing includes gummed envelopes for your greeting card, but if you don’t fancy the licking ask for prices to upgrade these to peel and seal. Coloured envelopes are also available, we can even print the addresses straight from your database onto the envelopes!

Get inspired by our special gold, silver and clear inks on our greeting cards to add that special effect. For that added wow ask about our new in house foiling techniques.

Printing Christmas Gift tags

Give a personal touch to all your gifts this year with gift tags. We can take your created artwork or our design team would be happy to help.

Printed Labels

Add some sparkle to your gifts by producing pre-design seasonal labels or ask us for a black template to personalise your own message for printing for Christmas.

Printing Christmas Invitations and Menus

From Christmas parties to Christmas dinner, choose from our templates or supply your own design for printing for Christmas. Our design team are also on hand for a personal approach to your seasonal invitations and menus.

Printing Calendars and Wall Planners

Printing Wall Planners

Be remembered all year round. Printed wall planners and calendars are invaluable in the office and home environment. These allow people to see important events at a glance. These are also great for recording holidays so that you know who’s in the office or not.

Printed Gift Wrap

Contact us today to find out how we can ensure that Christmas is all wrapped up for you.