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Tourism is a major industry in Bath. Printers in the area are in demand with the need for tourist information on all the sights to see in the city. Bath is a designated World Heritage Site. Almost four million people go to Bath for a day trip each year, along with a further million who stay there for a holiday. The area’s many hotels and restaurants need to be able to access good promotional materials.

View of the Pulteney Bridge River Avon in Bath, England, United Kingdom.

Visitors to Bath are often attracted to its historical sites, including the Roman Baths, which attract around a million visitors each year, and the famous Royal Crescent. There’s also a Jane Austen Centre, focused on the period the writer spent living in Bath and the depictions of the city in her novels. With such high profile attractions on offer, it’s important for businesses in Bath to promote the right professional and cultural image, and Bath’s printers have a good understanding of the city’s reputation.

One major industry in Bath nowadays is the arts, and there are five theatres in the city. There is also Bath Abbey, which is used for concerts, ceremonies and other occasions, and the city hosts annual events including the Bath International Music Festival and Bath Fringe Festival. Bath’s printers are kept busy producing promotional items for these events, including posters and flyers. Festivals tend to have many opportunities for local businesses to get involved, so local printing services are important to supply event information and items such as business cards.

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Illuminated signage for Bath Nightclub

Minuteman Press produces illuminated signage for Bath nightclub Zero Zero to ensure that they stand out from the crowd.

Our client is an exclusive VIP, nightclub and event space in the centre of the historic city of Bath. They came to us to look at upgrading their signage. Having invested heavily inside the club they really wanted to level up their signage game outside. They said they wanted something with a light on it. So an illuminated signage was the way forward.

Bath nightlife is very competitive so to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate a high quality offer was essential for our client.

We had considered looking at a light to shine onto the sign, however we thought we could look at interally illuminated signage for this Bath nightclub.

We showed the idea and the Bath nightclub immediately loved it.

Our artwork team created an initial visual and then we worked with a local company to help manufacture the illuminate sign.

Cross section and images of proposed lightbox
Cross section of lightbox

We then installed it alongside the client’s electrical contractor on site.

Thanks Zero Zero for trusting us to up your signage game. We think it’s looking pretty awesome.

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