Branded Catalogues in Bath

The Bath Skyline walk takes ramblers around the city and through ancient woodlands. Local businesses make use of branded catalogues in Bath in order to promote their services to visitors to the area. At Minuteman Press, we specialise in printing branded catalogues.

Branded catalogues enable local businesses to present not only the goods and services that they offer, but also to showcase their ethos or personality, helping Bath businesses to build a brand. Catalogues can come in an array of sizes and thicknesses. A6 catalogues are smaller and easier to pocket, whilst catalogues on A4 or A3 paper are a suitable for prints with lots of pictures.

Catalogues can be bound in a number of ways. Wiro binding is suitable for publications of 8-100 pages which need to open flat. Perfect binding is uses glue to create a spine upon which a business’s name or brand can be printed. For an extra special finish, 3D varnish, or foil finish can be used to help the brand stand out from the crowd.

When you contact us for a free consultation on how we can fulfill your bespoke catalogue design and printing needs, you will not only be greeted warmly and given expert advice on your project, but you will also have the huge advantage of capitalising on our ability to offer catalogue mailing services to your target audience in your local community and beyond. We are well-versed in brochure design, printing, marketing, branding, and mailing. Our cross-media marketing brochures and postcards will help your business drive traffic to your website as well.

We will be able to review your catalogue printing needs and help you choose from existing templates or give your brochures a bespoke design that will be impeccably printed by our experienced professionals. We can print brochures of any kind and style to suit your preferences. We also strive to keep your business on budget when it comes to providing you with the bespoke brochure printing services you want and deserve.

Ultimately, a well-designed and professionally printed catalogue sells the product. When printed and marketed the proper way, brochures can excite and tempt consumers to find out more about the promotion or event you are running. We will work with you to make sure your catalogue is appealing in its graphic design and contains the right brand messaging for the audience you are targeting and trying to reach. Think of us as your locally owned and operated marketing partner in business. Let us help you produce and distribute a catalogue so that it can help promote your product and increase your overall sales.

Local businesses create branded catalogues in Bath to connect with their customer base. At Minuteman Press, we have experts in store who can advise on all the options. Contact us to find out more.

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