Printed booklets in Bath

Creating printed booklets in Bath is an effective way for local businesses to demonstrate their services to some of these passing visitors. At Minuteman Press, we specialise in this valuable service.

Printed booklets come in an array of sizes and with a variety of binding options to accommodate the different purposes a booklet may have. A catalogue with lots of pages will need to have perfect binding for the spine to stay solid. A shorter publication, such as an information guide about the city of Bath, can be bound using saddle stitch or staples.

For more specialist booklets such as annual reports or instruction manuals, consider coil-bound booklets, which are helpful for people who need to refer to information frequently, and who may need to keep pages open easily while doing so.

Printed catalogues and printed brochures have been used by businesses for a long time and, even today, continue to be an effective way of marketing products and promoting services. Printed in all sizes and page volumes with same or custom cover options

Creating quality printed booklets in Bath is easy with the right team by your side. Our colleagues at Minuteman Press are knowledgeable printers and can advise on the right type of style for your booklet. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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