Large format printing in Bath

Bath is a historic town in the west of England, which attracts visitors from the world over. Famous for its Roman era baths, visitors today enjoy relaxing in the contemporary Thermae Bath Spa. The nearby Holburne Museum hosts a collection of Victorian-era art exhibits and silverware. Local businesses use large format printing in Bath to make their mark. At Minuteman Press, we are local printing experts.

Large format printing is used to create shop signage, posters, banners, or hoardings. These prints are intended to be viewable from a distance in Bath so it is important that they are printed in a bold, contrasting colours and using high quality imagery. Using a clear, non-cursive font also ensures that a print conveys its message efficiently.

Large format prints are created in a range of material including vinyl, paper, foamex or fabric. The purpose of the print will determine the best material to use. A print for outdoor use should be printed on hardy material such as mesh or PVC vinyl. For more permanent signage, metal, laminate or wood effect materials might be more suitable.

Businesses use large format printing in Bath in a number of different ways and for different purposes. At Minuteman Press, we provide advice about the options available. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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