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Window graphics
Window graphics using Drytac material recommended by Antalis

More than a supplier: How Minuteman Press Bath ensures it always delivers best-in-class solutions for its customers.

Building strong relationships with suppliers is key to Minuteman Press Bath’s ability to offer customers the latest and best sustainable solutions and forward-thinking visual communications applications.

It’s over 20 years since Antalis, the UK’s leading distributor of paper, packaging and visual communications solutions, first supplied print media to Minuteman Press Bath. Since then, the range of products supplied has increased enormously to meet the needs of the growing Minuteman Press Bath business, and because of the strengthening relationship between the two companies. What started out as a transactional relationship has developed into a partnership based on trust and mutual respect.

Benefits for both parties

It’s an approach that has significant benefits for both parties and, importantly, for Minuteman Press Bath’s customers, as Antalis Account Manager Mark De Lancey explains:

Building a strong relationship and regularly collaborating with the team at Minuteman Press Bath means that I have a clear insight into their business and also the requirements of their customers. This enables me to provide them with information and advice about relevant product developments, sustainability, news and information, as well as helping them to identify ways they can add value for their customers. This isn’t a one-way relationship however, as working closely with Kieran and his team helps enhance my own knowledge, as they are forever testing and pushing the boundaries of materials. I then share these findings with the local Antalis team, enabling us all to learn and develop!”

Mark De Lancey, Account Manager, Antalis

It was a conversation between Mark and Kieran that led to Minuteman Press Bath being able to expand the visual communication products and services it offers.

“We buy Drytac adhesives and films from Antalis, which are great products for producing window, wall and floor graphics; however, it’s a big range and we weren’t always sure we were using the best available products for the job in hand. I mentioned my concerns to Mark who was able to arrange for us to visit Drytac’s factory in Bristol.”

Kieran Blacknall, Visual Communications Manager, Minuteman Press Bath
Full colour image on wall
Film on Breeze Block

The visit proved to be the step-change Minuteman Press Bath needed, as Kieran explains:

 “The factory visit was a real eye-opener for us; not only are we now confident we are using the right materials for the job, but we’re also using fewer materials, which is better for the environment. Crucially, it has also helped us to increase the range of applications we can offer customers.”

Kieran Blacknall, Visual Communications Manager, Minuteman Press Bath

A new-found confidence to tackle any installation

Seeing the manufacturing process and learning the science behind adhesives and films has given Kieran and his team a better understanding of the products they use . With confidence to tackle any installation, from low energy rubber to full breeze block walls.

Kieran believes the insight they gained has put them on a path to be the local experts in self-adhesive print and decoration work:

HP Logo
HP Eco Solutions Logo

“Our new understanding of adhesives means we can recommend the right product for the job every time and our clients can be confident they are getting the best advice. Our partnership with Antalis and Drytac means we can run things by them if we come across something unique.”

Kieran Blacknall, Visual Communications Manager, Minuteman Press Bath

Minuteman Press Bath is an HP Eco Solutions trained company, which means they can install in a variety of sensitive environments, including schools and hospitals. Now, alongside other Antalis products suitable for Latex printing technology, they can confidently print and install the Drytac range of products too.

Reduction in material usage

By working with Antalis, over the course of the last year Kieran has proactively reduced Minuteman Press Bath’s PVC board usage by over 50%. This has been achieved by switching away from PVC and onto one of Antalis’ sustainable board ranges.

This simple change over a one-year period has already prevented over two tonnes of PVC material from going into landfill. An achievement the team at Minuteman Press Bath are extremely proud of.

The success story doesn’t end there. Following their visit to the Drytac (Bristol) factory, and using their new-found knowledge, Minuteman Press Bath are now saving approximately 35% in material usage when installing Drytac products. This means they can carry out installations more efficiently by using the best material for the job. With the reduced print and installation time, along with the product being sourced from only 15 miles away, the team have vastly reduced their carbon footprint as well!

The importance of starting conversations

Window graphics using Drytac materials

It was a conversation with Antalis that led Minuteman Press Bath to be in a position to be able to have more meaningful conversations with their own clients.

“We’re now in a position where we can have more intelligent conversations with our customers, both old and new. We are taking extra care to understand our clients’ environmental concerns and we work with Antalis to find the best solution at the right price point.

“Since our visit we’ve started offering several new solutions for printed graphics and been able solve multiple challenges we might otherwise not have had the confidence to tackle ourselves. The time and effort invested in our company has made a real difference to us and we are now looking forward to developing further in this field and becoming true specialists in self-adhesive print media and decor.

“I would advise any business to regard their material suppliers as partners. If we didn’t have regular meetings with Antalis, the opportunity to visit the Drytac factory might have never arisen – it’s a simple thing that has made a huge difference to our business.

“We would offer the same advice to our own customers. If you have an idea you want to chat through, call us! If we don’t know the answer, we know someone who will!”

Kieran Blacknall, Visual Communications Manager, Minuteman Press Bath
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