Page from the past

Going through our old files today we found this page from the past. Most of us will remember the Yellow Pages well. As a kid I used to look forward to it arrive with a thud at the door. So large it was never put through the letterbox.

Printers section of the Yellow Pages Bath and Bristol 1998

I’d sit and flick through with interest at the great adverts and try and pick out the new businesses.

My fascination with this Yellow Book continued into my adult life. One of my first jobs was in recruitment cold calling businesses on the phone. The Yellow Pages was our bible. You’d turn up to work and decide to call up all the warehouse in the area to see if they needed workers that day. We would make 100 calls, get a handful of hot leads and probably make one placement.

When I joined David Ghent and the team here at Minuteman Press the Yellow Pages once again became my go to. Each year it would arrive and we would first check in on the competition’s adverts. Then I’d start working through the leads.

Roll forward 17 years and how times have changed. yes I still make the odd cold call. Google my new Bible, and the feet on the street do the rest. Sales and marketing methods may have changed but the basics are still there. Contact, content, service and value for money still remain close to our hearts. Even if the yellow doorstop isn’t a part of that anymore.

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