Trade show supplies in Bath

Bath is a historic UNESCO Heritage city. Visitors come to take in the remarkable architecture of the Royal Crescent and the Circus. Prior Park Gardens has one of the rarest examples of Palladian style design, featuring shops along both sides of the structure. Local businesses use trade show supplies in Bath to connect with their clients. At Minuteman Press, we are local printing experts.

The Palladian Bridge at Prior Park, Bath
Pop Up Displays for Trade Shows

Trade show supplies vary in terms of format, shape and size. Many businesses in Bath use vinyl banners to draw attention to what they have to offer at trade shows, Printed on PVC free material with a high-quality finish to display a brand’s logo, name and imagery related their business. For external trade fairs, portable tents are eye-catching and practical as they provide shelter from the elements.

Many businesses create business cards or flyers to give away to trade fair patrons. Displayed on a stall or table so that visitors have something to take away with them. This acts as a prompt and make it more likely that potential clients will engage with a brand in the future. It also helps clients to get in touch brands in future should they need to.

There are an array of options available when it comes to creating quality trade show supplies in Bath. At Minuteman Press, we have experts in store who are ready and waiting to help create quality products. Contact us to get started. We have a wide range of options for your exhibition stands.

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