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Branded posters in Bath

Bath has a number of prestigious attractions such as Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths. Pulteney Bridge is another historical structure here along with the iconic Circus. The Theatre Royal and the Egg are just some of the cultural venues in the city and there are also museums including the Bath Postal Museum. Branded posters in Bath are easily accessed by local firms, simply call us at Minuteman Press.

Bath City Football Club used branded posters in Bath to let fans now of the next matches and promotions.

When businesses want their branded posters to really stand out from the crowd in Bath, they can look at full colour printing. Our state of the art technology means that business can do these economically in very low numbers. To maximise the impact of these sorts of posters however, it is important to follow some basic guidelines. To really emphasis the colours, it is generally recommended that a lighter background shade is used. A paler background also ensures that any text is easier to read.

When using full colour print, two to three colours are usually suggested. This will bring a balance and cohesion to the images and text of any branded posters in Bath. Complementary colour should be used though this can range from using tones on the opposite side of the colour wheel to using those which are adjacent to each other.

Prints that make a big impact from A4 to A0 size. We have a great range of poster materials including satin, matt and gloss. We also produce super wide posters up to 1,500mm.

Branded posters in Bath are readily available when firms contact us here at Minuteman Press. We will meet your deadlines and we can also personalise posters in any way you need. Our latest technology enables short run posters at excellent prices.

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